Defibrillator cabinets

Hjertestarterskabe og tilbehør

Are you looking for defibrillators or maybe a new battery? On this page, you will find our wide selection of cabinets for defibrillators, as well as accessories such as batteries, electrodes, children's electrodes, wall brackets and carrying cases. It is very different what kind of accessories come with your defibrillator, and it is therefore always a good idea to check whether you have everything you need to get your defibrillator up and running.

Why should I buy defibrillator cabinets?

Regardless of the type of defibrillator you have purchased, it is always a good idea to invest in a defibrillator cabinet. An AED cabinet has three primary functions: maintaining proper operating temperature for your AED, visibility, and alarming. The most important function is that the cabinet maintains a temperature that matches the operating temperature of your defibrillator. If your defibrillator is to be hung outside, for example, it is important that the cabinet can keep the defibrillator frost-free in winter. However, there are a few defibrillators that have an operating temperature of down to -20°C.

At the same time, it is important that the cabinet in summer can ensure that the defibrillator does not exceed its maximum operating temperature. The majority of the defibrillators are designed in an eye-catching green colour, according to current rules for marking defibrillators in the EU. In addition, the cabinets also have the well-known defibrillator symbol, with a lightning bolt inside a heart. This makes it easy for everyone to spot where a defibrillator is hanging when a cardiac arrest occurs.

Most cupboards are also equipped with built-in alarms, which are automatically activated when the cupboard is opened. In this way, the surroundings are alerted to the emergency, so that more help can be called. In addition, defibrillator cabinets also have the function of protecting your defibrillator from dust, water and falls. This is especially important if your defibrillator has a low IP score, is not particularly robust, or must hang in an environment that is particularly exposed to dust and water.

Which defibrillator should I buy?

Valget af hjertestarterskab afhænger af, hvor du vil placere din hjertestarter, samt hvilken type hjertestarter du har købt. Det vigtigste er selvfølgelig, at størrelsen på skabet matcher størrelsen på din hjertestarter. Derudover skal du finde ud af, hvilke temperaturer din hjertestarter kan fungere under, og om du vil hænge din hjertestarter indendørs eller udendørs.

Outdoors or indoors?

We always recommend that you hang your defibrillator outdoors so that it is available 24 hours a day. In this way, we can all help ensure a greater chance of survival in the event of a cardiac arrest. If your defibrillator is to hang outdoors, it is important that the cabinet has built-in heating, so that it can be kept frost-free in the winter and always functional. It is always recommended to hang the cabinet and the defibrillator on a north-facing wall, where it does not get too much sun. If this is not possible, you should consider a cabinet that also has built-in ventilation. The ventilation ensures that the defibrillator is cooled down to the optimal operating temperature in the summer. If, on the other hand, your defibrillator is to be hung indoors, it is important that the cabinet is eye-catching and clearly marks the defibrillator, and that there is a built-in alarm that can alert those around you to the emergency situation.

Wall brackets and carrying cases

If your defibrillator needs to hang indoors and be easily accessible, it is a good idea to buy a wall bracket. However, always pay attention to how much dust and water splashes your defibrillator is exposed to, where it will hang, and how high an IP score the defibrillator has. The IP score is an expression of how resistant the defibrillator is to dust and water. If you want your defibrillator to be transported quickly and easily, you can consider buying a carrying case. It also helps protect the defibrillator a bit.