Fire equipment

Having the right equipment is important when entering a fire. With the right fire equipment, you are prepared as best as possible for the unpredictable conditions.

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Fire fighting equipment

At First-8, we also sell fire-fighting equipment, so that you are ready for the day the accident happens. Every year, the fire brigade goes out 40,000 times, and approx. 13,000 of these are fires. 64 of these fires were fatal fires with 68 deaths as a result.

Of the 13,000 fires, 2,000 of them were extinguished before the fire brigade arrived. It therefore pays to have one or more fire extinguishers nearby at all times. The faster the fire can be extinguished, the faster the extent of the damage can be limited. This means less material damage and fewer deaths. Therefore, even a small investment in fire equipment can make a huge difference, and maybe even save lives.

Fires in the home can occur in many ways. It could be, for example, a candle that falls over, electronics that short out or a cigarette butt that has not been extinguished properly.

At First-8 we sell the smart 112 fire extinguisher that takes up no more than a milk carton. The fire extinguisher consists of a pressurized spray can, filled with fire-extinguishing liquid, which does not cause damage when extinguished, and also does not need to be serviced.

The fire extinguisher has a lifespan of approx. 5 years from the production date, so you can easily use it elsewhere than at home, where you are most.

The 112 fire extinguisher is therefore ideal for:
The summer house
The boat
The motorcycle
The camper
The kitchen
The workshop
The campfire
Vintage and classic cars
Advantages of the fire extinguisher:
Easy to use
Very efficient
Frost-proof down to -30 °c
Extinguishes small fires quickly
No consequential damages
No maintenance/service
Produced in Denmark
Long shelf life of 5 years
The extinguishing liquid can be removed with a cloth
The fire extinguisher has been tested by a fire inspector, who concluded that it has an "extremely good extinguishing effect".

You can buy the fire extinguisher with a holder that ensures easy and quick mounting on walls and surfaces. This is especially smart in smaller boats, where the fire extinguisher can be mounted on the wall in the small storage spaces.

On this page, you can also buy a set of 12 fire extinguishers with holders, so you don't have to choose where you want a fire extinguisher - you can set them up wherever you need them.

Smoke alarm
We also sell a smoke alarm with a 12-year battery life. Then there is no need to change expensive batteries after a short time. The smoke alarm has sensors that react to both smoke and heat, which provides protection against false alarms. It also has condensation barriers, which makes it particularly suitable for kitchen use.

The alarm can be easily mounted, as it can be set up both with the help of screws or with the included adhesive gel. In this way, the alarm can be set up without leaving marks on the ceiling