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First aid equipment

First aid dummies and AED trainers

On this page you will find all our training equipment for first aid and defibrillators.

In the webshop you will find:

Training mannequins for cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Training vest for training the Heimlich maneuver
Training AED/defibrillators
Equipment for training AED/defibrillators
first aid dummies are used for training heart-lung massage in connection with cardiac arrest. Our training mannequins come in several different sizes and types, so that the training can be adapted to the participants and the scenarios being trained in. We sell children's, adult's and baby training mannequins, as well as our Fat Old Fred mannequin. Fat Old Fred is a heavy and large doll that simulates a stout patient. The weight and size are realistic and are therefore suitable for nursing staff in nursing homes and in home care, who often come out to see a stronger patient go into cardiac arrest.

You can also find a package with both an adult, child and baby training manikin so you can train and learn the anatomical differences. This pack is especially suitable for teachers who teach more students and therefore need more dolls.

You can also buy a Brayden CPR doll with LED. The doll simulates the flow of blood through the body during cardiopulmonary resuscitation using the built-in LED lights. This is a good way to practice and learn about the effect and quality of your heart massage. It is also only possible to give mouth-to-mouth on this doll if the chin is lifted properly. This also trains this important aspect of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

With our training AED/defibrillators
can you train how to use the different defibrillators. We have most of our regular defibrillators as training models, so you can learn how to use exactly the type of defibrillator you have at work or near where you live. It provides greater security for you as a user, the day the accident happens and the right defibrillator must be used.
You can also find extra training electrodes for the defibrillators, for teaching use.

Note that this page only contains training AED/defibrillators! If you need a real defibrillator, they can be found under the Defibrillators category.

With our Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer you can train the Heimlich maneuver safely and easily on others. This training vest makes it easy to practice the Heimlich maneuver on others without harming them. This is due to the smart air cushion at the front, which acts as "lungs" for the "patient". Foam plugs are included, which are put in the tube of the vest. When a correct maneuver is performed and the pressure is hard enough, the plug flies out as a sign of this.

The vest is also equipped with a pad at the back, which is designed to train blows between the shoulder blades, to loosen the "blocked airway".

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