1-1-2 Smoke alarm - 12 year battery

  • 12 year battery life
  • Smart gel pad for installation
  • Both CE and TÜV approved
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4 FIRE smoke alarms - and with a 12-year battery!

This smoke alarm with lithium battery has a lifetime of 12 years. This means that you no longer have to worry about annoying and expensive batteries that need to be replaced after a short time.

Under normal conditions of use and maintenance, the battery lasts for 12 years.

The smoke alarm has a sensor-controlled safety mechanism where an alarm is triggered when there are significant signs of fire.


Gel pad installation:

Each smoke alarm contains a magnetic carrying system with a special adhesive Gel-Pad. With this unique installation method, you can safely install any smoke alarm to any ceiling structure or finish. You can also mount the unit using screws and these are included in the package.


Beautiful design:

Let's be honest - a smoke alarm isn't always super elegant in its design. But this one is different where the design is completed.

The smoke alarm combines modern electronics with innovative functions together with absolute reliability and timeless design. The case design has no unnecessary external elements such as special probes or LED lights. The complete casing acts as the Test / Stop button, easily and quickly accessible if there is a warning.

Quality smoke alarm with quick assembly which can be set up without the use of tools.

Reacts to both smoke and heat, as well as providing effective protection against false alarms and is particularly suitable in e.g. kitchen environments where there is usually a high risk of false alarms.

The built-in 3 volt lithium battery has a battery life of up to 12 years.

Fire extinguishing equipment:

At First-8 we also sell fire-fighting equipment, so you are ready for the day the accident happens. Every year, the fire brigade goes out 40,000 times, and approx. 13,000 of these are fires. 64 of these fires were fatal fires with 68 deaths as a result.

Of the 13,000 fires, 2,000 of them were extinguished before the fire brigade arrived. It therefore pays to have one or more fire extinguishers nearby at all times. The faster the fire can be extinguished, the faster the extent of the damage can be limited.

This means less material damage and fewer deaths. Therefore, even a small investment in fire equipment can make a huge difference, and maybe even save lives.

See our selection of fire-fighting equipment


Model Name

 Smoke alarm with 12 year battery


 4-Fire International (DK)

Durability battery

 12 years


 CE and TÜV




 Bi-sensor processor technology (smoke + heat)


 Suitable for use in kitchen  (condensation barriers)

Insect protection



+85 db

Discovery Area

 max 60 m2




  • No battery change required
  • Intelligent software analysis of sensor (Processor technology)
  • Help signal (for example, low battery status or pollution)
Manufacturer  4 Fire

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