CPR mouth to mouth mask keychain

  • Mouth to mouth mask in a practical key ring, so you always have it with you
  • For those of you who find giving word of mouth too much
  • Disposable mask - must not be reused
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CPR mouth to mouth mask Keychain

With a first-aid CPR mask in a key ring from First-8, you can give mouth-to-mouth first aid regardless of where you are.

We have made this product especially for First-8 for those who do not want to give mouth to mouth (CPR).

*Note that it is a disposable mask, and therefore must not be used more than once.

We advise you to place your first aid CPR mask in a key ring together with your home/car keys. Then you are always ready to help other people - even if the person has to be word of mouth.

Offer if you buy more:

You save money if you buy a package with 10 pcs. cpr mask key rings.

Have you considered a first aid course?

Every day, 12 cardiac arrests occur outside a hospital in Denmark. A survivor. The chance of successful CPR is reduced by 10% for every minute of inactivity.

That is why it may be a good idea to take a course in first aid. Then you are ready to help others in need at work, at home, in the sports association or in the local environment.

We hold courses throughout Denmark

It must be easy for everyone to learn first aid, and everyone must feel safe and secure in providing first aid if one day it is needed. That is why our first aid courses are always divided equally between practical exercises and theory, because the best learning happens when theory and practice are combined.

Through practical scenarios, we ensure that the course participants are involved, so that they are allowed to perform the various techniques on each other and on our first aid dummies. In this way, we ensure that the course participants feel more comfortable and secure in the use of the various techniques.

We always teach according to the latest guidelines for first aid. In the event of new regulations, we always make sure that our first aid training is updated so that you as a student always get the latest knowledge.

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