Eyeaid eyewash in spray bottle (2 pcs.)

  • Contains 2 eye washes
  • Clean the eyes with sterile irrigation fluid
  • Can be operated with one hand and both eyes can be flushed simultaneously
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  • Description


Eyeaid is quick and easy to use and can flush both eyes at the same time. Contains up to 15 minutes of flushing time per can.

Bag on valve technology ensures constant fluid pressure, regardless of position and is the world's first eyewash that can be used with one hand and thus ensures thatboth eyes can be flushed at the same time. Due to patented eye opener, there is no contact with the eyes with "unclean fingers". The eyes are automatically kept open and thereby ensure effective flushing of the eye and first aid can be administered on oneself, without the help of others.

The eye can be rinsed from below and gravity helps empty the eye of chemicals.

How to use Eyeaid EYEWASH:

  • The eyewash is put up to the eye and starts rinsing by lightly pressing the wings.
    It is not necessary to open the bottle first.
  • The ergonomic eye opener both opens the eye and rinses in the same second, so it is not necessary to use your fingers to keep the eyes open.
  • The eyewash rinses automatically and precisely in a gentle spray for up to 15 minutes, which is the rinsing time required by most chemicals.
  • The contaminated eyewash water is quickly directed away without the risk of spilling it.


  • Clean the nozzle before use by spraying briefly into the air.
  • Put eye opener to the eye and press the wings together.
  • Move the eye in all directions during the flush and flush as long as necessary.


Recommended temperature of use: 16 – 38°C
Dirt: Rinse the eye at least until the foreign body is gone. If the discomfort continues, seek medical attention.
Acids/alkalis: Flush the eye for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical attention and continue rinsing during transport.

Reusing the spray bottle after use can cause the transfer of bacteria.
If the seal is broken, the eyewash should not be used.

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