Laerdal Little Family QCPR w. Light skin

  • Set of 3 different dolls - an adult, a child and an infant
  • Can track user performance so you can provide reliable feedback
  • Comes in a practical trolley
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Laerdal Little Family QCPR Training Manikin - Realistic CPR Training

Little Family is the perfect first aid doll when you have to teach your students first aid training. Whether you have to teach parents, people who work with children, or simply as a supplement for those who want to be able to perform first aid on all age groups.

It can be challenging for a first aid instructor to assess how the trainees are doing simply by observing how they perform the exercises on the first aid dummies. It doesn't get any easier when you have to keep an eye on several students at the same time.

Laerdal's QCPR technology now gives you real-time feedback on how your trainees perform the first aid exercises. This is done on an app which can connect with up to 6 pcs. QCPR dolls at the same time via Bluetooth. The app is available for both Android and iPhone/iPad.

QCPR gives you objective measurements through integrated sensors in the first aid dummies, which ensure you can provide a reliable assessment of the trainees' performance. This helps to ensure a high quality of teaching.

The app gives you a performance overview where you can observe up to 6 dolls at the same time, so you can easily see how your students are doing.

The QCPR First Aid Dummies provide you with information on:

  • compression depth
  • compression rate
  • compression lift
  • ventilation volume

By showing learners exactly what they should be working on, it's easy for them to make adjustments and see on screen in real-time how they're improving. This improves both the students' engagement and motivation

The app also provides an evaluation where the course participants receive an overall score and a detailed assessment of their performance< /span>

Students can also download the Learner App so they can see how they are performing on their own screen. Note that the first aid dolls can only connect to one app at a time.

The first aid doll naturally also comes with all the features you know from previous versions of Little Anne:

  • sound during chest compressions
  • resistance to chest compressions
  • realistic design with anatomical landmarks
  • blockable airways
  • chest that rises with proper inhalation
  • head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust
  • interchangeable faces and airways

What the package contains:

  • Little Anne QCPR

    • 2 faces
    • 2 airways
    • 6 disinfection wipes
    • 1 instruction manual

    Little Junior QCPR

    • 2 faces
    • 2 airways
    • 6 disinfection wipes
    • 1 instruction manual

    Baby Anne QCPR

    • 6 airways
    • 10 foreign bodies for the airways
    • 1 instruction manual


Item number 126-01050
Model Laerdal Baby Anne, Laerdal Little Anne, Laerdal Little Junior
Procedures BLS (chin lift, artificial respiration, compression)
Measurements Compression depth, Compression rate, Artificial respiration
Warranty 1 year
Type of doll Baby, Child, Adult
Manufacturer Laerdal
Format Full body, Torso
Protection during transport Bag/trolley

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