Mediana HeartOn A15 AED - Outdoor defibrillator package K35

  • Complete defibrillator package for outdoor setup
  • Can revive both adults and children
  • Cannot be misused and can be used by anyone
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Complete defibrillator package:

Trygfonden recommends that all defibrillators should hang outdoors. In this way, it is easily accessible so that it can save lives in the immediate area. That is why we offer a complete package solution with defibrillator (Mediana HeartOn A15) and warming cabinet.

The contents of your Mediana HeartOn A15 package:

  • A15 HeartOn defibrillator – Can revive both adults and children
  • Outdoor heating cabinet - Nordic AED K35 with both heating and ventilation
  • A15 HeartOn Battery
  • A15 HeartOn multi-electrodes
  • First aid kit
  • Aluminum defibrillator sign
  • CPR mouth to mouth mask key ring

Mediana HeartOn A15

It is with good reason that the Mediana HeartOn A15 is one of the best-selling defibrillators. The Mediana HeartOn A15 is a very user-friendly defibrillator that can be used even by inexperienced people. However, we always recommend that you make sure you get a course in operating a defibrillator, so that you feel as well prepared as possible if one day you have to act as a first aider.

Mediana HeartOn A15 turns on automatically when the lid is opened. The defibrillator then guides you through the process with voice guidance, images and light indicators. It also provides feedback on heart massage, so that the first aider is helped throughout the process.

The defibrillator can be used on both adults and children, as it comes with a child and adult function, which can be easily switched between with a single click of a button. The accompanying electrodes can be placed on both children and adults, so that there is no need to purchase two sets of electrodes that suit adults and children respectively.

Sent in either red or yellow.


  • 5 year warranty
  • 5 year battery life
  • 2.5 year lifetime of electrodes
  • Danish voice guide(other languages can be programmed by agreement)
  • IP score 54: dust and waterproof
  • Genius adult-child button
  • Ignite automatically when the lid is opened
  • Charger for shocks of less than 10 sec.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly self-tests
  • Status indicator (status, battery level, temperature)

Possible languages:

  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish

Nordic AED K35 - Developed for the Nordic market

The beautiful and robust metal cabinet is the pinnacle of defibrillator cabinets - at a really reasonable price. You get temperature control, heating element, ventilation and alarm in your cabinet where the power supply is built in.

We have been waiting a long time for the opportunity to offer this cabinet to our customers, as it is one of the most widespread cabinets in Italy, France, Germany and England and now we have the opportunity to sell this defibrillator cabinet to our customers. The defibrillator cabinet is of course CE approved and has ISO certification, which ensures a high quality and durable solution.


  • Temperature control and display of the temperature inside the cabinet
  • Built-in power supply of 100W heating element
  • LED Light and alarm are built-in and run on electricity
  • Fits all defibrillator models
  • Approved for minus 20 degrees



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