Nordic 2L Multi-Fire Extinguisher for all types of fires

  • Fire classes: A + B + F + 1000 v
  • The fire extinguisher that can handle all fires without consequential damage.
  • Built-in safety valve

PFOS/PFOA tested by the Medico Chemical Laboratory of the Chemicals Inspectorate

Product complies with the applicable legislation in relation to fluorine substances (PFOS/PFOA)

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Nordic Multi Extinguisher 2L

Is effective on type A, B and F and E fires

A: Solid materials, such as wood, paper, textiles, etc.
B: Liquids, such as petrol and oil
F: Cooking oil and fat
E: Electrical installations of up to 1000 Volts

This fire extinguisher is ideal for all types of fires and the liquid leaves no collateral damage. The fire extinguisher is therefore useful to have in the car, in the kitchen or in the office, etc. In addition, the product also comes with an easy-to-mount bracket, so that the fire extinguisher can be quickly set up and ready for use.

Fire inspection

Inspection of the multi-extinguisher must take place every five years, which you can do yourself. First-8 has service technicians throughout the country who can also help inspect the extinguisher and ensure that everything is in order. You can get a good offer for a fire inspection by contacting our sales department by email:[email protected] or phone: 42909292.

Additional specifications 
  • Effective extinguishing effect due to the special liquid
  • Effective specially developed fog nozzle
  • Ergonomic user-friendly operation
  • The inside of the container is surface-treated with a special polymer lining that provides full protection against corrosion
  • Capacity: 2lt
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +60 °C
  • Cylinder height: 310±5 mm
  • Cylinder diameter: 110±1 mm
  • Gross weight: 3,650 kg


There are four steps in cleaning after using a powder extinguisher;

Step 1: Wipe off the excess foam, either with paper towels or old towels.

Step 2: Wash the affected area thoroughly with water and dry up either with paper towels or old towels.

Step 3: If possible, wash any material that has been touched by the foam.

Step 4: Throw away the materials (the kitchen roll or the old towels) you have used for cleaning with the normal rubbish.

Protective equipment:

The foam can be irritating to the skin and eyes, so it is therefore recommended that you use gloves and goggles if possible.

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