Nordic AED K35 – Outdoor defibrillator cabinet in metal with heat and alarm

  • Nice and user-friendly design
  • Robust metal cabinet
  • Heating, temperature control and alarm
  • Built-in power supply
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The beautiful and robust metal cabinet is the top of defibrillator cabinets - at a really reasonable price.

You get temperature control, heating element and alarm in your cabinet where the power supply is built in.

We have been waiting a long time to be able to offer this cabinet to our customers, as it is one of the most widespread cabinets in Italy, France, Germany and England. The Nordic AED K35 defibrillator is CE-approved and has ISO certification, which ensures a high-quality and durable solution.

The heart starter cabinet has a built-in heating element and power supply, which means that you only need to run a 230v cable to the cabinet for easy connection. The built-in 100w heating element keeps your defibrillator at operating temperature all year round so that it is stored correctly.

Built-in alarm

The built-in alarm turns on automatically when the door is opened and alerts the surroundings in a possible emergency - this can, however, be deactivated permanently if desired (we do not recommend this).

Along the top of the cabinet there is a nice LED strip which gives the cabinet a white light, which makes the surroundings aware of your defibrillator and provides the most optimal lighting of the device.

The defibrillator cabinet from Nordic fits all models on the European market and you can even adjust the height internally in the cabinet so that your defibrillator is either lifted up or placed lower in the cabinet.

Built-in internal power supply - ready for the socket

It has a built-in power supply, so it is easy to connect 230v.

No defibrillator cabinets must be hung facing south, this causes excessive temperatures in the cabinet and can be destructive.


Unique features of the Nordic AED K35:

  • Temperature control and display of the temperature inside the cabinet
  • Built-in power supply of 100W heating element
  • LED Light and alarm are built-in and run on electricity
  • Fits all defibrillator models


  • Alarm with 120 db siren (Can be de-selected) always connected to power (no battery running out)
  • Heating element (approved for minus 20 degrees)
  • Controllable heat via LCD display (Standard is +16 degrees)
  • Always shows the temperature inside the cabinet
  • Built-in power supply (230 volts) Can be connected directly to the mains - no converter required
  • 100 watt heating element
  • LED light that lights up the cabinet inside
  • Hinges that keep the cabinet open for easy use
  • Transparent large front door so you can always check the status of your defibrillator
  • Fits all defibrillator models
  • Adjustable shelf height
  • The thermostat switches on automatically so that the temperature never falls below 16 degrees in your cabinet (this extends battery life and ensures that your defibrillator is stored correctly in all environments)


Power consumption and measurements:

  • Power consumption: 200 KwH/year
  • Weight: 11.7 kg. incl. power supply and heating element
  • External dimensions in cm: H: 53 W: 36 D: 26
  • Inside measurements in cm: H: 33 W: 33 D: 20
  • Distance between screw holes on the back: 20 cm
  • IP score: 56 = Dustproof and splashproof with high pressure from all directions (waterproof for outdoor use in all environments)
  • Light and recognizable defibrillator sticker on the sides
  • AED logo on the front ensures easy recognition
  • 2 year warranty on the cabinet, heating element, alarm, light and temperature control


Approved and tested with the following certifications:

  • EN55032: 2015
  • EN55024: 2010+A1: 2015
  • EN61000-3-2: 2014
  • EN61000-3-3: 2013
  • CE approved
Manufacturer  Nordic AED


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