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  • Effective tool to stop severe bleeding in the extremities
  • Compact and durable, perfect for outdoor activities or the first aid kit in the home or car
  • Easy to use with a simple, hand-operated mechanism that doesn't require much training
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A tourniquet is a life-saving device used to stop severe bleeding in the extremities. It is an effective way to save lives in emergency situations and has been used by the Danish Armed Forces and public authorities for many years. Now you too can have a Tourniquet in your own home or on your next outdoor adventure.
This compact and durable product will be an invaluable resource when it comes to saving lives.

The tourniquet is a simple but effective tool designed to stop bleeding in the limbs. It is made of durable material, which ensures that it is able to withstand the harsh conditions that can occur during outdoor activities. It's also compact and lightweight, so it's easy to carry around wherever you're going.
The use of the Tourniquet requires some training, but it is easy to learn to use. It is a hand-operated device that can be used by anyone who is able to follow the instructions and use it properly.The tourniquet has a simple mechanism that allows the bleeding to be stopped by tightening the strap around the injured area.

Tourniquet is a great resource for people who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping and hunting. It is also a must-have in any first aid kit at home or in the car. The tourniquet allows you to deal with an emergency quickly and efficiently, saving lives and reducing injuries. The tourniquet is also a highly durable device capable of withstanding the harsh conditions that can occur during outdoor activities. It's also lightweight and compact, so you can carry it around without any hassle. It is the perfect solution for any person who wants to be prepared for any emergency.

The tourniquet is an effective and reliable device that can be used by anyone to stop severe bleeding in the limbs. It is easy to use and requires little training. The tourniquet is also durable and compact, making it the perfect solution for outdoor activities or for the home or car first aid kit. Remember that Tourniquets can save lives and reduce injuries in emergency situations. Be prepared for any situation by having a Tourniquet on hand.

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